Online Application Development Specialists,

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  • Who We Are

    Specialists not generalists

    Our sole purpose is to provide Oklahomans with efficient and accessible online services through a unique self-funded model.


  • What We Do

    Services we provide:

    OI provides online payment services, enterprise “out-of-the-box” services, and custom web applications to help streamline your manual and paper intensive processes.


  • How We Help

    OI does it all:

    From project management consulting, marketing and public relations services, or customer service support, OI is there to help you every step of the way.




Oklahoma Interactive’s mission is to provide high quality online services to Oklahoma through new and innovative application development processes and strategies, all while being the best vendor our customers have ever worked with. We work with you to determine the best way to present your online needs to your constituents and then deliver.

Oklahoma Interactive Funding Model

Our primary funding model is called the self-funded model. NIC is the originator and only provider of the self-funded enterprise approach to delivering eGovernment services. Modest efficiency fees usually ranging from $1-3 are applied to a limited number of services, which cover the cost of building, maintaining, and expanding the online application at no cost.

Oklahoma Interactive, LLC is part of the eGovernment firm NIC, Inc. headquartered in Olathe, Kansas. Founded in 1992, NIC, Inc. (NASDAQ: EGOV) is the nation's leading provider of official government websites, online services, and secure payment processing solutions.

What We Do

How We Help

Project Managment/Application Consulting Services

Once you have expressed interest in developing an online service, OI will assign a project manager who will help identify the project’s high-level objectives and business/technical requirements. Your OI Project Manager will work closely with you to plan, build and deploy your desired applications and services to your intended audiences.
→ Contact the Business Development Team at OI

Marketing/Public Relations Services

Even the best web applications and websites are useless if no one knows about them, which is why marketing and public relations is a key component to the success of OI. Our partners enjoy targeted marketing and PR campaigns that fit their needs. OI utilizes a variety of marketing and public relations strategies to drive adoption of OI developed services.
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Customer Service Support for the life of your Application

The friendly Customer Service Support staff at Oklahoma Interactive are available to assist with questions about online services and other Oklahoma government related information. Although agencies are better suited to answer specific questions about their services or a customer's particular situation, our staff is happy to help you find the appropriate service or contact information.
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